House of Volcanoes

Explore nature and discover the story of Earth! 

Here you can be an explorer, geologist and paleontologist. You can learn about the prehistoric volcanoes, Tethys Sea and the life on Hațeg Island 70 million years ago.

Visits and educational programs

We make scientific experiments, work with an explorer tool kit, dig for fossils, explore the forest and collect rocks. The visits and programs are available only with reservation.

What is the House of Volcanoes?

The House of Volcanoes is a construction made of earth, which tells the story of Earth, particularly the geological story of the Hateg Region. It is a place where you can encounter the volcanoes which dominated Hateg Island 70 million years ago. The construction is made of cob (clay, sand, straws and water).

It is a space for visiting and for non-formal educational programs created through the work of volunteers since 2014 through a series of grants offered by the Foundation for Partnership and MOL Romania.


The meaning of the House of Volcanoes

- 300 volunteers directly involved, 200 work days, 20 m3 of clay, 15 m3 of sand, 5000 litres of water, 30 m3 of cob mixed with bare feet.
- New scientific discoveries about the volcanoes from Densus made by the Romanian Academy Geodynamics Institute.
- more than 500 media articles, winner of the popular vote for the best volunteering project in Romania 2014, "CarpatCement" award for the best educational project in Hunedoara County 2014, “Natural Protected Areas” award 2014, qualified in the best 5 final for the best youth project in Romania 2014.

Hateg Country
UNESCO Global Geopark

The House of Volcanoes is part of a UNESCO designated territory and of an ecotourism destination.

Here are other touristic sites in the Geopark, and if you need more information:

Hateg Country UNESCO Global Geopark -
0254777853 / 0743072930

Tara Hategului – Retezat Ecotourism Destination -

How to get to the House of Volcanoes?

The House of Volcanoes is located 17 km from Hateg town and 3 km, 300m from the road.



  • Last April Sunday – Geopark Challenge. Half marathon of the Hateg Region fortresses.
  • Last week of May – European Geoparks Week
  • 24th of June – Hateg Country UNESCO Geopark’s Day
  • Middle of July – Dinosaur Festival
  • 24th August – Volcano Day
  • Middle of August – Dacia Felix. Under the sign of the eagle – roman re-enactment festival
Half marathon, relay and cros national competitions, on the route between two Hateg fortresses. Every year the route is different, it connects and promots other local historical sites.
EGN Week gathers a series of events from all the European Geoparks.
In a traditional Romanian day of "sanziene" we celebrate the Geopark and the traditional Romanian blouse - IA. The events are guided tours, exhibitions, workshops and educational programs, during which the participants are asked to war an IA.
It's the most important cultural event of the Geopark. During three days, it gathers activities meant to promote education, culture and the local values.
The event explains the importance of volcanoes and their role in Earth's evolution. On 24 August, year 79 BC, Vesuvius erupted destroying the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, but preserving under the ash the day to day life of an ancient world.
Re-enactment festival in the Roman ancient province capital of Sarmizegetusa.

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Densus village is located 17 km from Hateg town and it’s famous for its peculiar medieval stone church

The House of Volcanoes is situated 3 km from the church, on the road to Stei village and it’s signalled with panels.

From the main road you have to walk 300 m on a dirt road

Densus, Hunedoara County, 337205 Romania
+4 0743688108
Opening hours
Only with reservation
+4 0743688108
Densus, Hunedoara County, 337205 Romania
+4 0743 688 108